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Everyone who works in technical support knows the feeling of dread when someone asks what they do for a living, only for an immediate response of "Oh my PC has been running slowly recently, any ideas?". This book is meant for those people who don’t know their worms from their trojans, and who’ve been having a strange problem where they click on a link to one page, but end up at another.

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Review: Spam Kings - The Real Story

I found this book to be very readable and informative. Not only that, but it sparked my interest to the point that I chased down some of the people mentioned in the book to find out what they thought about their inclusion. More on that later though..

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Review: Inside the Spam Cartel

At the risk of sounding terribly boring, I devoured this book. The book is written from the perspective of the spammer and as such, it reads very much like a How-To book for aspiring spammers. I believe this book is a must read for anyone connected to system administration or network security.

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