Fight back against wiki, blog and guestbook spam is trying to fight wiki, blog and guestbook spam. They do this by linking the spammers’ keywords to pages that contain information about spam and the spammer. We hope that these pages documenting the spamming will be higher up on the search engine results pages than the pages of the spammers.

Spammers are taking advantage of wikis, blogs, and guestbooks to promote their websites. That’s why many wikis are under a constant spam attack; that’s why many comments on blogs don’t make any kind of sense; that’s why you never look at guestbooks.

The spammers do this to influence the results that Google and other search engines will return for certain keywords. If there are many links to one page on the web and all these links contain a certain keyword, e.g. ‘viagra’, then a search engine is more likely to return this page at the top of its list of results when you search for ‘viagra’. By spamming wikis, blogs, and guestbooks, the spammers try to get as many links as they can for their pages.

The opportunity to contribute content to wikis and blogs, gave certain people the idea that they could leave links to their own web sites in many places. Since Google and many other search engines will determine the order of their results for a search by the number of links that point to a website, having links to your web site in many places will place your web site on top of the results.

Thus most all wikis and blogs have experienced acts of spamming. Spammers will leave a link to their own site on the wiki. The more spammers hit a wiki, the less useful the wiki becomes since the real information will be buried amongst all the links. That’s why the people that contribute to wikis regularily clean away the spam. But the spammers keep coming back.

So we kindly ask you to think about this questions:

Would you buy something from or do business with somebody who destroys the work of others just to get a better page rank?

Do you think that somebody with rude, unfair, and destructive marketing strategies would be reliable, trustworthy business partner?

What can I do to prevent wiki spam?

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