PhishNet - Fighting back against online Fraud

Spamfo is pleased to announce the launch of PhishNet a new service developed by Phishinfo and HostingNow to help combat on-line fraud.
Forward your phish to to keep everyone safe

Phishing and on-line fraud is rapidly becoming one of the top dangers of the internet. It differs from spamming in the sense that spammers may have a justifiable business whereas the phishers are out purely to defraud, usually by masquerading as a reputable business. It damages consumer confidence, legitimate on-line business and most distressingly, the victims who can find their bank account emptied and their on-line identity stolen.

PhishNet is a database of phishing emails that circulate the internet. Once a phish enters the database the contents are analysed and the destination of the fraudulent site made publicly available. This resource is made available in order to (a) provide information to police and other law enforcement bodies to help with tracking down the perpetrators (b) help system administrators automatically “ban” IP addresses so potential victims are not lured onto the fraudulent sites. (c) generate statistics on phishes and phishing activity.

Where you come in:
If you are an Internet surfer:
If you receive a phish send it onto the database by forwarding the email without any changes to or use the online form where it will be analysed and put into the database. For information on how to spot a phish see the FAQ on this site. The phish is added to the database and participating networks are protected against accessing these fraudulent sites.

If you are a system administrator:
The list of IP addresses can be found at

We’re going to make it available via ftp and rsync over the next few weeks as the project progresses and we would be really interested to see how you can put this list to use. In the mean time you can download it from this URL. The data is updated in realtime as reports come in but please keep queries to no more than 1 a minute to preserve bandwidth.

If you are in law enforcement or an organisation dealing with phishing incidents:
We need the phishing email forwarded to us! It keeps the Internet surfer safe and will help extend the database.

If you are a phisher:
Beware; your clicks are about to dry up.

How is it funded?
This service is free. If you would like to make a donation please use pay pal; we would like this because bandwidth has to be paid for and machines kept fed with electricity.

Want to help?
If you feel you can make a contribution please do get in touch! We need programmers, system administrators and lots more ideas but most of all we need you to forward your phishes to the database to help keep it up to date. For more information on this project please email us

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