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TheRegister has recently ran an article about a london outfit who have been spamming their ‘unbelievable secrets’ cd.  The bulk spammers have just knocked a whole £10 off, who says you can’t get a bargain before christmas!

So here is the latest spam that is doing the rounds:

[4,600,000 VALIDATED UK email addresses - Verified in August 2004, ensuring a low failure rate and only used privately.
TO PURCHASE: Please send a Cheque/PO Payable to "Unbelievable Secrets" for £19.95 and send to:
Unit 716, 78 Marylebone High Street, London W1U 5AP
The CD will be sent by first class post and you will also receive FREE software to send 30,000+ emails per hour.

Note: This CD does not contain any personal information of email address]

There was also a prior article to this by El Reg with other references to a similar PO box.   What we found interesting in this article is that a forwarding mailbox is being used for this spam still even after the recent increased UK laws (which have actually made a massive difference over the past few months for UK based spam in our opinion)   A simple forwarding address is keeping this spammer in business.

So a quick usenet search again revealed this post where an angry user said:

“if I didn’t think the address was a postal box or similar I’d be sorely tempted to go up to 78 Marylebone High Street put a brick through their f##king window”

which reflected our thoughts exactly

Running the address, Unit 716, 78 Marylebone High Street through google returned quite a few more results with various spams to mailing lists and so forth.   According to the various headers these were spammed from other countries, likely open relays or proxies (quite a few originated from comcast)

One post shows the guys at the same mailing address spamming a ‘UK hacker CD‘ for only £2.95 a few weeks earlier in late september.

Some more googling returns some other spam, with an actual domain being used this time ( )

A quick whois on the domain returns the following information:

Registrant Contact:
   unbelievable secrets
   Bill Hendon ( ) [deliberately not obscured ]
   Fax: none
   Unit 716
   78 Marylebone High Street
   london, EN W1U 5AP

The CD contains the usual collection of rubbish, including how to be a spy on the internet, a revenge kit, game cheats and even recipies resteraunts don’t want you to have, unbelievable!

Next time you recieve the spam there is a phone number above to ring your order through to ‘bill‘ , noone seems to be answering at present, probably busy mailing out CDs ready for christmas

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